Problem with 1 of my 2 ZAMEL SBW-02 , after upgrade android app, the app not show 2 sensor !!

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I have setup 2 ZAMEL SBW-02 versoft w.7.24
with respextly 2 sensor to monitor the
I use two identical devices and each of the devices.
I have activated the gate open and gate closed sensors, but in the app one of the two devices not show the sensor gate open and the sensor gate closed.
This malfunction occurred following an app update, bat not the last upgrade.
I don't know how to solve it. I would like to contact the app developers To ask to solve my problem.

Can you kindly help me.
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Start by updating the software in SBW to version 2.8.58. If this doesn't change anything, re-touch the IN1/2 input. To do this, disconnect all wires from IN1/2 and connect IN1/2 manually directly to A1 while observing the application. Also check the settings at Make sure the sensor channel is associated with the control channel.

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