Poor Wi-Fi

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My Wi-Fi connection fails quite often… every 10 minutes or so there is a minute when the signal is lost.

What happens to the data in MEW 01 when that happens?
Are they buffered in the unit and pushed out when the connection is restored? How much can be stored? 100MB?

I didn’t manage to get the unit working yet…. It doesn’t appear in my app. Is the poor Wi-Fi a problem, or should it work anyway?

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MEW-01 does not store history in its memory. For example, if MEW was offline for 60 minutes and during this time it measured an energy measurement of 600 kWh, after returning to the online state, 6x100kWh will be added to the history, because the server will divide 600 kWh into equal parts at 10-minute intervals.

To check why MEW is not connecting, put it into configuration mode. Then connect to its WiFi network and open In the header you will find "LAST STATE" where there will be more information about what is going on there.

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