supla-device for Linux (v2.4.2)

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There is a new version of supla-device which can be run under Linux (I tested it on old laptop with 32 bit architecture, on 64 bit desktop, on Beaglebone Black rev3; it should also work with RPI).

This software allows to build integrations between anything that can produce a text output or file under Linux (or any command line application) and Supla.

It works similary to older projectes like "supla-dev filesensors" or "supla-virtual-device".

You can find instruction here ... /
There is step-by-step instruction with all commands required for instalation (for Debian, Ubuntu based distributions).
If you use some other system and you'd like to share instruction, feel free to open PR for readme file. If you don't know how to do it on your system, please leave comment here.

Configuration is provided as file in YAML format. You can find examples in readme.

As of now, application provides parsing of simple text files, where one line is mapped to one parameter, or data in JSON format.

In my installation I use it for:
1. Read of CPU temperature (command sensors)
2. Read of data from water meters (over mBus, read with wmbusmeters)
3. Read of electricity meter Tauron AMIplus (with HANplus service, which works on mBus and is read by wmbusmeters) - I use it with two tariff - data from one is mapped to "energy consumed phase 1", and second tariff is mapped to "energy consumed phase 2".
4. Read of temperature from DEVIreg Smart thermostats (I use modification of project )
5. Read of data from Fronius inverter.
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